The catalyst who helped many to realize the eternal travel (सनातन कालयात्रा)

I confess that some of the best life-learnings for my this life, came in last 20 years by this medium. I had many opportunities to learn, unlearn and grow with the help of selfless guidance by like-minded travelers. Girjesh ji has special place in these travelers and I will forever live indebted to him until I travel on the same path and act as enabler for many fellow-travelers. I mean it, I don’t want to live life in debt. I will walk on the same path!

Polluted rivers and रस-रक्त दुष्टि

Death of civilization “If there will be water after our gross disrespect by water usage (by inefficient agriculture, unwanted industry usage, faulty management, deforestation), that water will be sheer poison due to excess use of fertilizers.” What do you expect from a polluted rivulet or river? Foster mother like nurturance? My dear friend, come out of…

National Interest – Guṇatrayī Youth

Youth must have power and strength. The focus should be on getting both Śakti (शक्ति) and Bala (बल)! Śakti (physical strength and outward skills) and Bala (spiritual strength, mental strength, purity, ethics, self-control) are different. You cannot gain that in modern gyms. You must enroll in Ākhāḍā (आखाड़ा) or sports ground! Bala meant something of the Sūkṣma Śarīra (सूक्ष्म शरीर) ; not merely of the gross body or Sthūla Śarīra (स्थूल शरीर).